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Happy new music day!

(mods: please delete if this is not approprate.)

Hello fellow fans!

I just wanted to spread the word that Mr. Astley's new single, "Lights Out" is available from iTunes as of today. There is more information at his website (www.rickastley.co.uk) in case you'd not heard about it.

Happy listening!

Rick Rolls the Macys Parade

this is the best quality vid i could find..enjoy!

Apr. 1st, 2008

Any one have the video of 'together forever'?
because i want to make a few icons from it.

Im actually really pleased about the rickrolling. people don't think im an idiot for liking him now they know/remember who he is. any excuse for watching/listening to 'never gonna give you up' is good with me.

20 years ago today - March 12, 1988

'Never Gonna Give You Up'  went to No. 1 on the US Billboard charts!

wow, 20 years? has it been that long? and Rick still looks good today!


but my favorite will always be Long Haired Rick circa 1991!

Hello and Welcome!

I finally decided to make this community because, well...I just wanted to.

As most of you would know, Rick Astley has come back into the current sphere of pop culture, as a cyber-punchline of sorts due to the 'rick-rolling' phenomenon.

For me, it was an amazing flashback to a simpler time for me, since I hadn't thought about Mr. Astley since the late 80's/very early 90's, when i was an ardent 12-13 year old fan.

While most would dismiss him as a flash-in-the-pan teenybop idol of the 80's, hairdo and all; it wasn't until i really listened to his music beyond the first two albums he put out that i realized the depth of his talent.

Also, i noticed on the internet there were a small community of fans still listening to Rick, so i was like...what the hell!

so, join up and let's talk...post pics and or vids from concerts, links for news, interviews, insights about your favorite Astley songs/albums.

here are some links you may not have known about:

http://youtube.com/user/rickastleyfanclub - YouTube Rick Astley video channel

http://www.rickastley.co.uk/ - unofficial fan site with moderated forums and links

http://www.imlconcerts.co.uk/quarry.htm - Rick's headlining a "here and now" tour in the UK this summer along with other 80's brit-pop artists like Bananarama and Heaven 17(!)

so, yeah...i CAN'T be the only crazy one out there...!


rick astley
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